TecLog erarbeitet gemeinsam mit Ihnen ein auf Ihre Anforderungen zugeschnittenes Servicekonzept mit optimal definierten Serviceintervallen.

TecLog works together with you to create a servicing concept tailored to your requirements and with optimally defined service intervals.
TecLog can be reached and is available around the clock – even outside of your production times. Our specialist workers have been specially trained in mechanical engineering and control engineering and each is trained as a mechatronics engineer, mechanical engineer or electrical engineer. Our servicing vehicles are equipped with equipment that corresponds to the current technical standard.
• Commissioning and installation support
• DGUV-Vorschrift 3: inspections for stationary and mobile electronic equipment
• DGUV-Information 208-016: ladders and steps
• DGUV-Vorschrift 68: industrial vehicles and transport machinery
• DGUV–Vorschrift 52: lifting devices
• DGUV- Vorschrift 54: winches, lifting equipment and towing equipment
• ASR-A 1.6/A 1.7:  power-operated windows, doors and gates
• Fire prevention / fire insulation systems for buildings
• Thermography (preventative fire protection / identifying weak points)
• Visualisation of maintenance plans
• Measurement and calibration of machines

What you benefit:
• High long-term productivity from your machines with constant production quality
• Downtime minimised through quick responses to repair requests
• Optimum maintenance intervals observed, even during peak periods, and reproducibility of performance
• Avoid downtime caused by defective components
• Reduce fire insurance premiums
• Reduce personnel costs and concentrate on your core business