• Industrial cleaning

    Increases in profitability are realized by investing in your production systems and machines. This means you must be able to bank on your operating equipment having a long lifespan. TEC-LOG extends this service life through professional cleaning and maintenance.

  • Assembly of new machines / plants

    The assembly or disassembly of complex production facilities can present particular challenges for manufacturers and end customers. TEC-LOG can support you in this area as a flexible partner with many years of experience and an outstanding track record.

  • Servicing

    Complex industrial plants and equipment require tailored servicing concepts to keep them operational for as long as possible. TEC-LOG takes its professional customer service to you and carries out mechanical, electrical and electronic maintenance – as well as repairs – of your production facilities.

  • Transport and logistics

    When transporting plant and machinery, industrial goods – mostly of high value – need to be moved. TEC-LOG has the expertise necessary for this to ensure that your operating equipment arrives at its destination safely and quickly. Furthermore, TEC-LOG is able to relocate your administrative divisions with a very high level of security.

  • Machine and plant relocations

    Projects to relocate production capacities need to be executed swiftly and competently in order to keep production downtime to the minimum possible. TEC-LOG offers you everything you need for disassembly and final assembly from a single source – be it for individual machines, entire production plants or entire manufacturing sites.

“Complex, risky or dangerous?”

TEC-LOG, a strong and systematic situational service provider supporting your production performance!

TEC-LOG GmbH, a subsidiary of the Xeless Group, is a systems supplier for technical and logistic services. We want to win our customers over anew every day by presenting ourselves on the buyer’s market as a trustworthy and reliable partner capable of inspiring and enthusing our customers.

The service areas of TEC-LOG GmbH are defined by the service lifecycle management of various production facilities. As a customer service provider independent of manufacturers, we view ourselves as an innovative partner for the following service areas: assembly of new machines / plants, servicing, industrial cleaning, machine and plant relocation as well as transportation and logistics.

Our employees are crucial for our success; only together can we achieve our objectives. The definition of performance-oriented objectives and the systematic support provided to our employees form the basis for our success. TEC-LOG sets itself apart through professional competence and a high level of professionalism.

We pride ourselves on being a fair and reliable business partner and on dealing with social and environmental issues responsibly.

We are TEC-LOG!


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