• Machine and plant relocations

    Projects to relocate production capacities need to be executed swiftly and competently in order to keep production downtime to the minimum possible. TecLog offers you everything you need for disassembly and final assembly from a single source – be it for individual machines, entire production plants or entire manufacturing sites.

  • Industrial cleaning

    Increases in profitability are realized by investing in your production systems and machines. This means you must be able to bank on your operating equipment having a long lifespan. TecLog extends this service life through professional cleaning and maintenance.

  • Servicing

    Complex industrial plants and equipment require tailored servicing concepts to keep them operational for as long as possible. TecLog takes its professional customer service to you and carries out mechanical, electrical and electronic maintenance – as well as repairs – of your production facilities.

  • Transport and logistics

    When transporting plant and machinery, industrial goods – mostly of high value – need to be moved. TecLog has the expertise necessary for this to ensure that your operating equipment arrives at its destination safely and quickly. Furthermore, TecLog is able to relocate your administrative divisions with a very high level of security.

  • Assembly of new machines / plants

    The assembly or disassembly of complex production facilities can present particular challenges for manufacturers and end customers. TecLog can support you in this area as a flexible partner with many years of experience and an outstanding track record.

  • Neumaschinenmontagen

    Abladung, Einbringung und Aufbau Ihrer Neumaschine mit TecLog GmbH

“Large-scale, risky or dangerous?”

System Supplier for Technical & Logistic Services

TecLog – technical and logistic services with a systematic approach

TEC-LOG GmbH – the name stands for technical and logistic services. Our service portfolio ranges from plant installation to site relocations, from machinery relocation to industrial cleaning. It includes transportation and logistics as well as a number of specific service offers. As a B2B service provider of the Xeless Group, we serve customers from the industry, trade and skilled crafts.

Installation of Plants and New Machinery

We carry out professional preassembly work and final installations of plants and new machinery. Our experienced, globally operating teams work flexibly at the manufacturer´s site, the customer´s site or in our own assembly halls. Next to assembly work on machines and equipment – including electrical installation – we also accept customization and repair work and are available for maintenance orders and customer service.

Machinery Relocation and Factory Relocations

We expertly relocate already installed equipment and machinery to the new site all over the world but also directly on-site. As an internationally experienced service provider, we a capable of offering a full range of services in this area. Our work starts with project planning and ends with the successful completion of commissioning. The service portfolio comprises, in particular, mechanical and electrical dismantling, packaging and transportation as well as installation and re-commissioning. In addition, we offer consulting services regarding customs clearance, insurance and tax issues.

Transportation and Logistics

Logistic and transport services are a typical component of the service portfolio for plant installation, machinery relocations, factory relocations inter alia. We render transportation and logistic services but also individual services. Analog to all our other services, our offer for transportation and logistic services comprises the entire process flow from planning to shipment and the whole geography starting from on-site to international transportation including air and sea freight.

Industrial Cleaning

We provide professional cleaning of machinery, equipment and buildings such as industrial halls and manufacturing sites with flexible scheduling. Our cleaning methods comprise dry-ice cleaning as well as high-pressure cleaning with water and hot steam. Furthermore, we also offer lubricant maintenance. We are committed to conducting all cleaning work in compliance with the regulations applicable for environmental protection and industrial safety.
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