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Working at TecLog is more than just a job – it’s an inspiring journey where team spirit, creativity and individual fulfilment take centre stage. Here, we don’t just work, we build innovative solutions together. Through internal training, mentorship programmes and the open atmosphere, I feel part of a community that values continuous growth and learning. I am proud to be part of this dynamic team that is not only professional, but also exceptional people!

Since I joined the company, I have experienced a positive and supportive working atmosphere characterised by team spirit, appreciation and individual support.

At TecLog GmbH, the focus is not only on professional performance, but also on the personal development of each individual. The open communication and the values practised by the managers create an inspiring atmosphere in which you can develop.

The company invests sustainably in the development of its employees, which is reflected not only in my professional development, but also in the success of the entire team.

The positive work-life balance, flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home emphasise the company’s consideration for the individual needs of its employees.

All in all, I am proud to be part of the TecLog team and appreciate the pleasant cooperation and constant support. TecLog GmbH is not just an employer, but a real community that promotes the individual strengths of each employee.

I have only recently started working at TecLog GmbH. Since then, new and exciting tasks await me every day, which also allows me to develop personally. No two days are the same.

As a long-standing employee, I particularly enjoy working with many young, motivated colleagues on new ideas and driving existing processes forward. The flexible working hours also suit me very well. This allows me to balance my family business and TecLog’s day-to-day business without any problems. I love the family atmosphere. My areas of responsibility have changed again and again over the years; I’m currently working in quality management and planning foreign assignments.

I have been with TecLog for almost 9 years and have been working in the field of industrial assembly and machine relocation services for our customers for 18 years.

The induction at TecLog was very quick, easy and uncomplicated, so I was able to continue with my sales activities straight away. I felt at home right from the start and the very informal working atmosphere and co-operation with the young, motivated team is simply fun and a lot of fun.

I have been able to gain a lot of new experience by working closely with our managing director, project managers and administration and I am simply proud to be able to work at TecLog.

What I particularly like about TecLog GmbH is the great potential of the company, the open and professional communication and the fact that problems here are really solved promptly and directly. That’s refreshing and fun. The flexibility and personal responsibility when working with other employees are also excellent. There is a very good and healthy working atmosphere here.

The variety and constant new challenges mean that everyday working life is never boring. International assignments abroad offer a completely new perspective and new experiences.

TecLog is very well positioned in digitalisation, which offers employees efficient work processes and improved communication.

I have been with TecLog for 4.5 years and have had very good experiences so far. The tasks are varied and challenging, the working atmosphere is collegial and helpful, and the induction programme was optimal. I would recommend TecLog as an employer without reservation.

TecLog GmbH is a multicultural company with flat hierarchies and a very strong team spirit. Despite the different cultures, there is a family atmosphere and every employee is treated as an equal. Respectful interaction with one another, helpfulness and support are very important here.

Goals are implemented consistently, but people always take centre stage. The variety of activities and the opportunities for career development offered by the company keep things exciting and allow for continuous development.

I recommend TecLog GmbH as an employer for people who are enthusiastic about technology, who are open to new things and who want to look to the future together with the company.

TecLog is like a small family to me. We are more than just work colleagues.

Problems are solved together and the family atmosphere is really lived.

You simply belong and feel like part of the company.

At TecLog, I constantly experience committed support for my professional development. Here, knowledge expansion is not only supported, but actively encouraged. In short, TecLog GmbH broadens my horizons.

A friendly team with strong team spirit, the opportunity to develop personally and really make a difference in the company. A mixture of numbers and contact with people – TecLog GmbH offers me all of this, making it the perfect workplace for me.

Working at TecLog is an impressive experience. An excellent environment for professional growth has been created here. Quick adaptation through an effective onboarding programme, variety of projects and development opportunities all make TecLog an ideal place to work. I recommend TecLog as a place where your ideas and work are valued.

For almost 17 years, since the foundation of TecLog GmbH, I have been working as an office sales representative and data protection officer. I am proud to be part of a company that specialises in worldwide industrial assembly, machine relocation, machine assembly, plant relocation and industrial cleaning. Every day I look forward to the exciting tasks and challenges that I can tackle together with my team. I am convinced that our company will continue to be successful in the future and I look forward to continuing to make a valuable contribution to this.

I started at TecLog around 4 years ago and have been able to learn a lot, especially through my frequent and varied assignments and the regular training programmes. I particularly like the fact that my superiors always have an open ear for me – whether it’s for challenges on site, personal concerns or just because.

I chose TecLog because flat hierarchies are not just a concept here, they are actively practised. The open communication at all levels creates an atmosphere of co-operation and enables ideas and suggestions to be exchanged freely. This culture of openness encourages me to contribute my ideas and play my part in the company’s success. I was also impressed by the clear opportunities for promotion – the chance to shape my own career path and develop further based on performance and potential is an inspiring prospect that offers me security and growth.

I particularly appreciate the informal working atmosphere at Teclog. Colleagues are not only in the same boat and have fun on company outings. No. There is always the opportunity and openness to get someone “on board”, because TEAMWORK is a top priority. Challenges such as process optimisation or the introduction of new programmes are implemented with joint effort. The breakthrough has often been achieved, and not only on the Donau.

What do I like about TecLog? The combination of challenging projects, a supportive team and the opportunity to make a real impact. Innovation is valued here and every contribution counts.

If you’re looking for an environment where your ideas are not only heard, but also realised, then you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our current positions and discover how you can help make great projects a success at TecLog.

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