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Service in the area of compressed air technology

Inspection and maintenance in the area of compressed air technology

The general economic situation is expected not only from those responsible in the company, but a high degree of flexibility and optimized use of energy consumption and resources, especially from a service provider.

As a full service provider, we would like to offer you our compressed air inspection and maintenance service package present, a savings potential for your technical equipment.

Localization, documentation and sealing of leaks

  • in the compressed air line system
  • on maintenance units
  • on hose lines and connections
  • on valves and fittings with pneumatic control system

The location of leaks can largely take place under regular operating conditions. Failures or downtimes are reduced to a minimum.

Leakage losses are expensive and mostly go unnoticed. The compressed air network should therefore be checked regularly for leaks.

Localization of the leaks over

  • Hearing control
  • Leak detection spray
  • Ultrasonic measurements

Maintenance and inspection of your compressor stations with compressed air preparation. Creation of a maintenance plan with regard to your specific needs and manufacturer specifications. Checking your control cabinets, filters, fan motors and air conditioning units.

Would you like to find out more about our services? Our specialist advisor, Mr. Balthasar Steinbinder, is pleased via your call under : +49 9492/60191-14.

In the table below are the losses and costs shown for leaks of different sizes.

TecLog will help you save!

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