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Contractual assembly services in Indonesia

We successfully completed a delivery assembly in Indonesia for one of our long-standing customers. The assembly of the PUR foaming system with an oval design was an important project that emphasises our commitment to quality and efficiency.

The mechanical assembly included the precise assembly of all system components. Our qualified team carried out the assembly work with the utmost care. From the installation of the main components to the fine-tuning, this ensured optimum functionality.

The electrical installation was a crucial part of the project. Our experts integrated all electrical components to the highest industry standards. Wiring and commissioning were carried out with precision and taking all safety aspects into account.

The cooperation between TecLog GmbH and the local contacts was crucial to the success of the project. The biggest challenge was to respond effectively to the culturally different requirements of the project.

It should also be mentioned that we also carry out assembly work for this customer worldwide, for example in Morocco, Malaysia, etc. The flexibility and adaptability of our foreign assignments strengthens the trust of our customers. As a result, TecLog GmbH’s efficiency leads to long-term partnerships.

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