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Relocation of machinery from Germany to Mexico

This article refers to the successful relocation of a cam setting machine from Germany to Mexico. The relocation was a project of considerable scope that required the utmost precision and coordination. The scope of services included the electrical and mechanical disassembly and reassembly, the preparation of customs documents and the entire transport including logistics.

The mechanical and electrical work steps involved in relocating machinery and equipment are crucial aspects that require careful planning, expertise and precise implementation. In particular, the project required precise documentation and labelling of all mechanical assemblies as well as electrical cabling, control systems, control panels and all other electrical elements. These elementary work steps were carried out by our skilled workers with the utmost precision, ensuring smooth and speedy reassembly at the destination.

The successful transport from Germany to Mexico was completely planned by our company. This included not only the physical transport of the machines, but also precise coordination (e.g. preparation of customs documents and obtaining customs authorisation, etc.) to ensure that all elements arrived at their destination on time and in optimal condition. The particular challenge here was the organisation of the sea freight.

Our co-operation during commissioning was an important support for the customer. Thanks to our ability to react quickly, the productivity of the system was restored quickly.

We are proud to have successfully completed this comprehensive and challenging project and look forward to further exciting assignments with our customers.

We would be happy to support you in the realisation of your projects!

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